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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Requirements:

  • PC: You will need Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater, Netscape 8.0 or greater, or Firefox 1.0 or greater for your Internet browser.

  • Mac: You will need Safari 1.2 or greater or Firefox 1.0 or greater for your Internet browser.

  • To customize a project, you will need Microsoft Word 97 or greater or Macromedia Flash 7 player.

  • Projects can be printed using MS Word templates on PC and Mac or by using the Flash print studio.

  • Most laser and inkjet printers work well with our templates, and our products.

  • Always test print on a plain sheet of paper cut to your projects size.

  • Hold the test sheet up against your Gartner Studios product to check the alignment of your layout. Slight adjustments to the layout may be needed.

  • If the entire printout is only slightly misaligned, adjust the top and/or the left margins slightly if the software being used has this feature. Please consult your specific software manual for further instructions on margin adjustments.

  • Some printed pieces may come out of your printer wet. Make sure you place them on a flat surface and do not stack them.

  • If you are using vellum, feed it through the manual feed, one sheet at a time, and use the "Transparency" setting if your printer has this capability.

  • If you are printing greeting cards, we recommend that you consult your printer manual to determine which way to feed the card through the printer. If you can not locate the answer in your printer manual, verify which way to feed the paper by printing a test sheet.
  • If you are using cardstock or heavyweight paper, please adjust your paper type setting within your Print setting to reflect this.



How much does it cost to use your site?
The use of the templates and uPrint Studio is free.

Can I purchase your products directly from you?
Our products are currently available through our retailers only. Please go to gartnerstudios.com and click our Store Locator link to locate a store nearest you where Gartner Studios products are sold. You may also contact us if you would like to locate a specific product.

How do I purchase Gartner Studios products?
At this time, we don't sell our products directly to consumers. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products, please use our store locator to find the store nearest you. You can also search our online partners to see if they stock the product you are interested in.

How do I find my project?
Once you've purchased one of our products, there are a few ways to locate it on our site.

  1. Search by a SKU number. This is the second set of numbers located in the UPC code or bar code on the back of the box.
  2. Search by keyword. Using the site search functionality, located in the upper right hand corner, you can enter words that describe your product such as "invitation", "hearts", "platinum", etc.
  3. Use the navigation to find your product. For example, if you are looking for a wedding invitation, you can simply click to go to the wedding section and click on "invitations" within the sub-navigation. At that point, simply browse through the options until you find your matching product.

How do I know if the product I would like to purchase is at a store?
If you are interested in a certain product, simply use the store locator to find a store in your area. Each retailer will be able to search their product inventory to find which Gartner Studios products are in stock. Contact the store in your area to prior to visiting to ensure that the product youre looking for is available.

How do I use the store locator?
You can find the store locator in the upper right corner of the site. Click on Store Locator and enter your zip code for a list of local retail stores that carry our products. Click the Go button and a list of stores nearest you will display. Remember to call the store you select to confirm that the specific product you're looking for is in stock. This printing option is not available on non-printable items or items exceeding three printable areas.

Where do I go to print?
With Gartner Studios, you have two printing options. The first is an online printing tool that utilizes uses Flash 7 software, the Gartner uPrint Studio. There are two ways to find this printing tool, simply click on Gartner uPrint Studio on the homepage or on select the "Print Online Now" button on the product details page.

The second option is to print your product using the Microsoft Word template for your product. To use this option, you must select the "Download Word Template" button on the product details page. You will need Microsoft Word 97 or greater to use this template.

What is a SKU?
A SKU is a group of numbers that identifies each unique Gartner Studios product. It is the second set of five numbers located in the UPC code (or bar code) on the back of a Gartner Studios product box.

Where is a SKU located?
A SKU number is the second set of five numbers located in the UPC code (or bar code) on the back of a Gartner Studios product box.

How do I find one of your everyday product lines, such as Hot Hues, Soiree or Mixed Messages?
These products are located under the Stationery subcategory within the Everyday category.

What if I can't find my product on the site?
If you are unable to find your product on our site, let us help. Please contact Gartner Studios at www.gartnerstudioshelp.com.

How do I find information regarding job availability at Gartner Studios?
Gartner Studios is always looking for smart and talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in a career at Gartner Studios, please fill out the form found on the Careers page or you may send your resume to:

Gartner Studios Human Resources 220 East Myrtle Street Stillwater, MN 55082

or email humanresources@gartnerstudios.com

How do I contact Gartner Studios?
Please fill out the online Contact Form or feel free to contact Gartner Studios at:

Gartner Studios 220 East Myrtle Street Stillwater, MN 55082 Phone: 651-351-7700 Email: www.gartnerstudioshelp.com


Flash Printing Tool – Gartner uPrint Studio

What is Flash?
Flash is a program that allows users to experience motion graphics. You will need to download the plug-in player for Flash 7 in order to utilize the uPrint Studio portion of our site correctly.
Note: Flash will not cause any virus or spyware software.


When using the Flash template, please type your text FIRST, and then highlight the text you wish to format.  With the text highlighted, please select your formatting options from the choices on the left-hand side of your screen.

What do I do if the test print of my project is way off? (i.e., way too far to the right or left, and text is cut off)
This seems like it would be a margins issue, but it usually isnt, and it can be fixed by working with the Paper Size settings for your printer. Here is our trick for getting your project to print correctly for the custom paper size you're using. Continue to use plain paper of the appropriate size for test prints until everything is printing correctly.

  1. Make sure you put the paper all the way back in the machine so the rollers can grab it correctly.
  2. Make sure you slide any paper guides on your printer's paper tray up against the paper so that it is guided through the machine correctly. For details, consult the printer manual for your machine.
  3. If the document still prints incorrectly, check and set the printers paper size settings via the Control Panel using the steps below:
    1. Click on "START" at the lower left of your screen
    2. Click on "Control Panel"
    3. Double click on "Printers"
    4. Right click on the printer icon for the printer you will be using, and then choose "Printing Preferences" from the resulting list. You will now have a screen in which you can set several options, including paper size
    5. On the "Paper/Quality" or "Layout" tab, select "Custom" or "User Defined" under paper size
    6. Type the dimensions for your project in the Width and Length boxes
    7. Select the unit of measure (inches or millimeters)
    8. Click "Save" to save the custom paper size
    9. Click "OK" to exit the Custom Paper Size dialog box
    10. Exit the control panel
  4. If test printing still results in an incorrect result, consult your printer manuals Troubleshooting section and/or section on paper sizes. If you do not have the manual, it is usually available on the printer manufacturers website. Once there, you can find it by doing a search on your printers model name/number.
  5. Try re-installing the driver for your printer. You can find the driver available for download by visiting the printer maker's website. Once there, do a search for "Driver Downloads" and select the one that matches your printer manual. Follow the instructions to download and then install the driver.
  6. If you have still not been able to fix the problem, contact your printer maker's customer service department. You can do this through their website or the toll-free phone number listed in the documentation that came with your printer. They will be able to offer detailed assistance for your specific printer model.


Word Template Printing

What software do I need in order to use the Word templates on your site?
To customize a project, you will need Microsoft Word 97 or greater. If you don't have Microsoft Word or don't have access to it, you can customize your project with the software you have. Please consult your specific software manual for further instructions. For most of the projects that contain artwork, you can download the artwork to use in your choice of software.

What if I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer?
No Problem! You can still download the template and save it to your hard drive. You will then copy it to a disk and open it on a computer that has Microsoft Word installed. Once you've chosen a template, your browser will display a message asking if you want to save the document, click yes. Save the document to a location you will remember. Then copy the file from the location you saved it in to a floppy disk. We also allow you to download any artwork a project may contain to use in the software of your choice.

What do I do if, after clicking on "Download Word Template," the template opens, but not in Microsoft Word?
(i.e., Cannot click FILESAVE AS and save it to the computer, or the editing tools/buttons that are normally at the top of a Microsoft Word document window are not there.)

Some browsers will not automatically open Microsoft Word while opening the template, but there is a way around this. The steps below will assist you in saving the template to your computer so you can work on it:

  1. RIGHT click on "Download Word Template"
  2. Select "Save Target As" from the list
  3. You will now see the "Save As" dialog box. Name the file and select the folder to which you want the template saved
  4. Launch Microsoft Word
  5. Click FILE OPEN and then double-click on the name of the file you just saved. You will now be able to edit the document normally

Note: Another alternative would be to print your product using the Flash print studio. To access the Flash print studio, simply click on "Gartner uPrint Studio" on the homepage.

What type of printer do I need to print my projects?
If your printer works with Microsoft Word, it will work printing from our web site. Most laser and inkjet printers will work well with our templates. For some of the projects, your printer will require specialized functions. For example, the shirt-transfers require that your printer has the capability to print a "mirror" image.

How do I "Personalize" my project with the Microsoft Word templates?
FIRST: Find the template and save it to your computer for editing.
  1. Find the product you will be printing on the site. This can be done by using the searching the site for your product by SKU or keyword.
  2. In the search results window, click on the image of the product or select the "View This Product" button.
  3. Click on the "Download Word Template" button for the product you would like to print.
  4. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to open or save. Click on "OPEN"
  5. The template, which is a Microsoft Word document, will open your screen.
  6. Save this document to your computer by clicking FILE -> SAVE AS. Be sure to save it to a place on your computer that is easy for you to remember.

Now that you have saved the template to your computer, you are ready to personalize it!

SECOND: Replace the existing text with your own.
Select the existing text and type over it. Your text will automatically replace the original text. Select text by clicking at the beginning of the first line with your mouse and dragging down and to the right until all of the text that you want to replace is highlighted (usually this means the text turns white and the area around it turns black).
Delete the existing text and then type in your own. a.) Place your cursor/insertion point at the beginning of the text you want to delete and press the "Delete" key repeatedly until that text has been deleted. Now type your own text.
b.) Place your cursor/insertion point at the very end of the text you want to delete and press the "Backspace" button repeatedly until that text has been deleted. Now type your own text.

THIRD: Finish formatting your document.
Change the font type, size, color and alignment as you wish. Be creative! You can change your font type, size and color by clicking Format -> Font along the toolbar. To change alignment, click on Format -> Paragraph along the toolbar. You can insert a picture that is stored on your computer if you like as well, by clicking "File -> insert -> picture." Make sure you place the cursor/insertion point at the spot where you want to put the picture BEFORE you insert it.

FOURTH: Test print your project on an extra sheet of your project paper or use a plain piece of paper, as long as it is the same size as your project paper.
Hold this test print up in front of the stock you'll be using to make sure everything looks the way you want it to. This gives you a chance to make any last minute changes to your project and also lets you confirm that the printer settings are correct for the paper size you're using.

FIFTH: Print your project!
We recommend that you remove all paper from all trays in your printer and hand feed each item into the printer separately to help you avoid a paper jam.

How do I add clip-art to my project when using Microsoft Word?
At this point, you can only add clip-art or images through the Microsoft Word templates. To do this, you can add clip-art to your project just like you would with any other Microsoft Word document. First, place the caret where you want to add the clip-art. Then select Insert->Picture->Clip Art or From File. Depending on which you choose, you will have access to Microsoft's clip-art gallery or clip-art saved on your local hard drive. To resize the image once you have added it to your project, click on the image so it is highlighted and then grab one of the re-sizing handles and drag.

Where can I find clip-art?
You can access over 10,000 clip-art images online. From Microsoft Word, select Insert->Picture->Clip Art. When the Clip Art selection box is displayed, click the "Clips Online" icon at the top of the box. Or you can navigate to http://dgl.microsoft.com/?CAG=1. This will take you to Microsoft's web site where you will be able to access thousands of clip art images online.

Where can I find more fonts to use in my project?
Microsoft has an extensive list of links to other web sites that offer additional fonts for use in your projects. Many of these fonts are free. Go to http://www.microsoft.com/typography/links/default.asp for details.
Note: additional fonts only apply when using the Microsoft Word templates to print your product. You cannot add fonts within the Flash uPrint Studio.

Tips for using Word to create your project.
If you are new to using Microsoft Word it may be a little intimidating at first. Word has an extensive help system that will provide you with answers to virtually any question that may arise. Here are a couple of quick tips:
  • If you have downloaded the template into your browser and are editing it from there, note that all of the normal Word menus will replace your browser's menu while you are editing the document.
  • The templates were created in a "Print Layout" view. This view most closely resembles what your project will look like when it is printed. When you initially open the template, it should open in "Print Layout". You can change the view by selecting a different View from the View menu.
  • If you have downloaded the template into browser window to work on it, the familiar Word toolbars may not appear. To make your favorite editing toolbars visible, select View->Toolbars and you will see a list of toolbars available for display.

How do I print the Greeting Cards?
The Microsoft Word templates for the Greeting Cards contain two pages, one for the outside of the card and one for the inside of the card. To print the project, select "File->Print". In the "Page Range" box, select "Pages" and enter 1. This will print the outside front and back of the card.

To print the inside of the card, you will need to run the card through your printer again. Place the card back in your printer's paper tray and select "File->Print" again, but this time enter (2) in the Page Range box. The card will run through the printer and the inside text of the card will print.

When I run my paper through the printer to print the inside of the card, how do I place my card in the printer paper tray so it prints correctly?
Typically, you would place the front of the card face down in the paper tray. This can vary from printer to printer though. Our best advice is to print a test page to see how you need to place the card in your printer in order to print both sides. You may also want to consult your printer documentation for more help.

How do I print the T-Shirt Transfers?
At this point, T-Shirt printing is only available within the Word templates. T-Shirt Transfers require the artwork be printed with a "mirror" image. This is functionality that you will need to set on your printer for the project to print properly. On many printers, you will need to go into "Printer Properties" or "Printer Features" to locate the "mirror" print option. Consult the help documentation that came packaged with your printer for additional information.

Why does the Word place card template have only 6 places to enter names; my place card sheet has 12 places to enter names?
The Place card product actually contains 6 cards per sheet. Each card is scored so that it can be folded to sit "tent" style on the table. The text boxes in the Microsoft Word template are set up so that the text entered will appear on one side of the card. You can customize the place cards so that they display text on both sides if you wish.

How do I do a mail merge with the Place card template?
  1. Download the place card template (placecards_6-up48ct.doc) and save it to your local hard drive.

  2. Set-up your data source that you are going to use for the mail merge. The data source could be a Microsoft Access database, an Excel spreadsheet or even a Word document. An example data source would look like this Excel spreadsheet.
    name Al Doe Bill Anderson Bill Johnson Jane Smith Joe Anderson John Doe Mike Smith Peter Williams Steve Peterson Tony Johnson William Anderson William Johnson Wilma Williams

    Notice that the column in the spreadsheet has a field in the first row called name. This is what you will refer to when you do the mail merge. This is necessary, as you will need some way to refer to which column you want to merge from the spreadsheet. So that when you create a spreadsheet to be used as a data source, the first row for a column will need to contain what you are going to call the column and refer to it from the merged document. For more detail and how to set up other data sources, refer to Microsoft Word help.

  3. Open the place card document you downloaded in step 1 with Microsoft Word.

  4. From the menu select Tools>Mail Merge.

  5. This will bring up a dialog box titled Mail Merge Helper.

  6. For step 1 in the Mail Merge Helper, select Create>Mailing Labels. You will then get another dialog box, select Active Window.

  7. For step 2 in the Mail Merge Helper, select Get Data>Open Data Source. This will open a file dialog box. Navigate to the directory that you saved your data source in. If you don't see the data source, confirm that the correct file type is selected in the combo-box at the bottom of the dialog.

    Once you have selected the data source you will get a dialog box that asks what portion of the spreadsheet you want to use, leave the default and click Okay.

    Click Set-up Main Document from the next dialog box that is displayed. This will open a label set-up dialog box. Select any of the label types, it doesn't matter which you pick at this point as the template already is set up with the proper margins. Click Okay.

    This will bring up a Create Label dialog box. Click Cancel. We will be inserting the merge fields manually.

  8. At this point you should have the Mail Merge tool bar available at the top of the document window. If you don't, go to View>Toolbars and click on Mail Merge. Highlight with the cursor the text in the first place card text field in the document. Go to the Mail Merge toolbar and select Insert Merge Field and select the field you want to insert into the document. With our example Excel data source above, we would select name. You should now have something similar to the following in the first place card:


    Place the cursor immediately after the last > and select Insert Word Field from the Mail Merge toolbar and click on Next Record. Now your text in the first place card should look like this:

    (name)(next record)

    Format the remaining place card text boxes in the document as above.

  9. From the Mail Merge tool bar click Merge. This will merge the records from your data source into your place card document. The new document will open in a second window. From here you can either save or print the merged document. Depending on your version of Microsoft Word, the steps may vary slightly from the instructions here. The Microsoft Word help file provides step by step instructions for your version of Word. Microsoft's web site also has some pointers on how to do Mail Merges.

    Note: Mail merge will only work when printing using the Microsoft Word templates. Mail merge is not available within the Flash print studio at this time.

Why cant I print envelopes online?
We do not recommend running our envelopes through your printer to avoid the risk of a paper jam. This is why templates for envelopes are not supported on our website. Instead, we suggest either handwriting or printing on address labels and applying them directly to your envelopes.

Wed like to use both inner and outer envelopes when mailing our wedding invitations but the invitation kit we purchased only has one size envelope. What can we use for the outer?
Our invitation kits come packaged with one standard sized envelope. If youre interested in using both an inner and outer envelope to mail your invitations, we suggest measuring the invitation supplied in your kit and visiting http://www.belightsoft.com to find the envelope size slightly larger. We do not sell our envelopes separately. We recommend visiting an office supply or specialty paper store to locate envelopes in the size you need to finish your project.


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